Noelia Cónsul de la Fuente

Maybe you don’t know the truth about Spain,

It’s possible if you do not read my news.

I sutdy at UC3M. Travelling is my hobby. Journalism is my passion






Elena Dotor Ruiz

Future journalist. Currently, I study at UC3M.

I’m interested in cinema, culture
and the most close and deep journalism.

And not, I don’t now how to dance sevillanas.

You can make contact with me on





Alberto Lozano Mallol

I probably make too many questions about boring things. Working as a waiter because Journalism does not fill the fridge. I don’t like football.

I also hit the drums whenever I can






Sara Elisa Fernández Calcerrada

Fourth power is essential for democracy. I am a journalist beacuse I want to be the world’s
eyes.Literature lover. And no, I cannot afford to have nap everyday…