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The consumption of cannabis in Spain

The issue of drugs is a very disscused topic in Spain today. Both young people and adults face situations in their daily lives that involve drugs. In this case, we are going to make a complete analysis about the consumption of cannabinoid substances in our country. Let’s begin with the…

La Manada Case

La Manada (wolfpack) case is the name by which is known the events happened in Pamplona (Navarra) on July 7, 2016 during San Fermín celebrations. A group of five men, including a member of the Civil Guard and another of the Spanish Army, sexually abused an 18 years old woman…

Proactiva Open Arms: «They are not looking for a better life: they are looking for a life.»

Interview to Mar Sabé (Proactiva Open Arms Communication Area) With what institutional support (logistic, economic…) does Open Arms count? Which administrations help you? Institutional aid comprises 10% of the total we receive, the rest comes from civil society. Within this 10% we have financial aid from nearby administrations such as…

Who We Are

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Alberto Lozano

14 pesetas

I probably make too many questions about boring things. Working as a waiter because Journalism does not fill the fridge. I don’t like football.

I also hit the drums whenever I can.

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Sara Elisa

on the blue edge

Fourth power is essential for democracy. I am a journalist beacuse  I want to be the world’s eyes. Literature lover, and no, I cannot afford to have nap everyday…


Noelia Cónsul

tipically unknown

Maybe you don’t know the truth about Spain,

It’s possible if you do not read my news.

I study at UC3M. Travelling is my hobby. Journalism is my passion.

Javier haya

légende noire

I was destined to be bullfighter, by family tradition, but unhopefully to my parents, I was born coward. 

Now, I spend my time writing articles and being the black sheep of my clan for equal time.