The bullfights celebrated in Spain fall by 60% since 2007

According to the official data of the Ministry of Culture, 90.5% have not attended a bullfighting festival in the last year and most are young people between 15 and 19 years


One of the main traditions that characterizes our country are the bulls. Since centuries ago, this celebration has been held in Spain, which is hailed by many and hated by so many. However, this situation is changing.

Resultado de imagen de mapa festejos taurinos celebrados en 2017 (más…)

Entretien à María Isabel Sánchez Domínguez sur l’inmigration

Comme nous l’avons déjà dit dans d’autres publications, JoySpain est un moyen créé pour fournir de vraies informations sur l’Espagne tout en démystifiant les faux concepts qu’a le public international sur notre pays. Les Espagnols sont dotés d’une particularité particulière. Toute une collection de traits, de caractères ou de comportements Leer más…

Withdrawal an advertising campaign for being against Spanish cultural elements

Javier Quesada, executive president of the foundation, apologizes to  those who have been offended and explained that it was not his intention Risto Mejide’s campaign from his agency opted to do something different: they criticized some Spanish traditions for advertising the “Premios Rey Jaume I”. The aim was to finish with Leer más…