The EFE Agency, since 1939 has been one of the most important communication companies. Currently, it is the first news agency in Spanish and the fourth in the world. In many ways EFE is the informative agency that best and most adequately informs the population in our language.

We do not realize the importance of their existence in many cases, and their role is key to know what happens both inside and outside Spain and, above all, show our news abroad.

To know a little about the current situation and the future prospects of journalism and the EFE Agency, we are going to interview Elisa Calcerrada.
She has been working in the company for more than 30 years and is currently the head of the television área.


Noelia: Agencia EFE is one of the most important private news agencies in our country, what do you think is the virtue that characterizes this company so that it is so recurrent by so many media?

Elisa: I believe that the information that it gives is aseptic, and that it contrasts the information very well before giving it and that is something essential to carry out our work well.

How important do you think the company has both nationally and internationally?
It is very important in everything that is the language in Spanish, Spanish in the world. It is the fourth agency in the world that speaks in Spanish, broadcasts in Spanish and publishes in Spanish and for all of Latin America is a reference.

Do you consider that foreign citizens who do not live in our country care about what happens here? Why?

Yes I think so. We live in a global village. Everything matters to everyone. It is the domino effect, in the end what happens in a different country from ours it ends up having an impact.

What kind of news from our country are the most interesting abroad?

Everything that could unleash a destabilization of life and politics. For example, the theme of Catalonia for tourism, as Spain lives on tourism, affects everything that may happen there in Catalonia.

In your opinion, do you think there are certain issues of Spain that we try to hide abroad?

No, now it is impossible to hide anything in such a globalized world.

That image that the foreigners of the Spaniards have as «unprofessional» or «lazy», does it discredit the journalism of our country?

Yes, but they discredit the Spaniards in general if there is such damage, not only to journalists.

Is it important to eliminate these clichés?

Yes, but all kinds of clichés depend on each one. It is an image that is given, which may be true or not.

Do you consider that it is the responsibility of journalists, therefore, to show the reality of our country?

Yes of course. It is our main function.

Do you think it’s happening?

Yes, but according to the media, as everyone can shoot for one side or another, but yes.

What do you think is the future of journalism and agencies like Agencia Efe?

The future is multi-journalism. The journalist capable of carrying a camera, video, photo, text, capable of doing everything. He is the global journalist. Both for journalism and for the company in particular. That has many facets.

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