• 57% of Spaniards admitted to having believed, at some point, to false news as true.
  • Politicians are considered as the main cause of the lack of social information in the country.

The fake news has become a recurring theme that everyone. According to a survey by the Ipsos Global Advisor organization, carried out in more than 27 countries, 57% of Spaniards had had an error at this time as a false news.

According to the survey, which analyzes the rise of false news around the world, Spain occupies the fifth position worldwide, above only in Brazil (67%), Saudi Arabia (58%), South Korea ( 58%) and Peru (57%). However, in the European scene the positions are advanced, because the Spaniards are the Europeans who have fallen the most in the traps of false news, followed by Swedish (55%), Poles (55%), Belgians (45%), German and French (45%).

This study also shows that 65% of the world’s population considers that the citizens of their own country are connected and mostly follow people with similar thoughts and ideas, which leads them to fall into what is known as the «information bubble». According to the director of Public Affairs of IPSOS, Vicente Castellanos, «we tend to have a misperception of the reality in which we live, and this makes it easier to spread false news without hardly realizing it.» However, this is not the perception that the population has, because only 30% admit being part of this bubble.

In addition, the report goes further and focuses on the causes of this type of news. As he indicates, more than half of Spaniards (59%) consider that the main causes of this lack of knowledge about the social reality are the politicians. Second, with 44% would be the media and, finally, with 38%, social networks.


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