The ex-president knows that the PDeCAT and ERC are not going to keep him indefinitely, so he intends to use the Consell to self-finance


Carles Puwigdemont, EFE


After several months of disorientation, a large part of the Catalans in favor of Independence are beginning to recover their hope. It is expected that next December 8 will be the presentation of the Consell per la República in Belgium. A private identity created and directed by the ex-president of the Généralitat, Carles Puigdemont, as a kind of Catalan government which he would govern from exile. In his opinion, «the new entity is born as a space of freedom of expression that is impossible in Spain. Today we could not do this act in the Spanish State. A year ago we experienced a real coup d’état. That is why it was necessary to make the republic effective «.


The current president of Catalonia, Joaquim Torres, has also spoken about this initiative, reiterating the importance of citizen opinion. «The Consell per la República is born to carry out the mandate of October 1, to be consistent with the mandate of citizenship.»


The main objective is to internationalize the cause of Catalonia. Its intention is to obtain international recognition and, perhaps finally, the approval of the right to self-determination as something immanent to the Catalan situation. However, the Consell per la República will not be activated effectively until it reaches a million adhesions, according to statements made by Puigdemont.


Despite this and until now, the results obtained have not been as expected by the promoters of this initiative. They started by creating a website in which all Catalans that support the purpose of this independence platform could register. Those who signed up, should contribute 10 euros with their registration and would become part of it and their intention to «internationalize» secessionist approaches.


However, with only about 34,000 entries since its launch a month ago and taking into account that the rate of enrollment remained constant, it is estimated that by 2020 we could talk about the million subscribers and carry out the ‘procés’ ‘ A promise that, in case of going well Puigdemont, would report 10 million euros for their coffers.


The ex-president of the Généralitat has collected 340,000 euros to continue living in Brussels. Now, after having addressed individuals, with the intention of raising more funds, Puigdemont «invites» associations and foundations to register in the Consell. It is estimated that there are more than 1,600 foundations in Catalonia and some 25,000 non-profit associations, which means access to around half a million Catalans and their data. To this end, a new space has been enabled on the web that allows the recruitment of members through professional associations or other groups or entities. In any case, the latter should request permission from their partners before transferring their data under the Data Protection Law. But what the Consell planned was to carry out an indirect access to this information.


This initiative was raised, from the beginning, as a Catalan government in exile. However, the legal obstacles have caused that the Consell doesn’t have any type of political validity and has ended up being constituted as a private foundation of Belgium.


And it is that the old Convergence PDeCAT and ERC has declared that it will not be able to continue maintaining for life the salary of Puigdemont, reason why the ex president intends to use this organism to self-finance. It is for this reason that he has accepted a Consell without political validity but that will open a new way of financing.

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