Spanish society is evolving into a more revolutionary one. Our new generations have realized that both the government and the rest of the people have ‘old fashioned’ and unfair values. Hate and toxic relationships are created among people who is different from what is considered “normal” or “higher”. And we started to talk. We started to take the streets and force everyone to hear us, to listen to us. We are not those innocent kids who have a lot to learn and who doesn’t know what life is about. We have to learn. Everyone has. But we know what we want. Respect. Tolerance.

On  March 8th 2018, Spain had to stop to see how Spanish women were making history all around the world. Media worldwide like The Guardian, New York Times or Le Monde echoed the Spanish feminist victory. Our strike and demonstrations were one of the biggest among our closest neighbours. 

 8th March demonstration / Credits to: Nuova resistenza

And why was it? Sexism in Spain is evident, and it’s not hidden. This attitudes are even, sometimes, something that makes men feel proud of themselves and their ‘masculinity’. And the government does nothing to find a solution.

That day was a key date to remember. The day when we made history, when we all held hands with each other, and shouted with only one voice. The day when we marked a turning point in everybody’s lives. Because things have changed since then. When we watch the news, victims of gender-based violence seem to have been multiplied, but I don’t think so. After that declaration of intent of the feminist collective, a lot of women started to feel more protected, and maybe that’s why complaints have increased. I also believe that media now give more voice to women and violence against them than before.

Injustices are still here, and we have no facilities from the upper states. But we know we can count on the support of hundreds, thousands of people behind. That massive demonstration made our sisterhood stronger and stronger. We have ensured that people talked about feminism. Thanks to this, even clothing factory is using this movement as a trend. For most people, this is not something to be proud of, but I think trends have huge social power. If feminism becomes a trend, more people will be interested to know more about the topic, it will be more usual in our common lives and, after that trend, those values will be more engaged to our social subconscious. And maybe, following that way, we will be able to delete sexism in our language, in our salaries, and in or daily lives for a medium term

Maybe turning feminism into a trend is a frivolous, but effective way to spread our ideas more than we could only by doing demonstrations or referring to political ideas.

Up until now, society is divided into two parts. The first one, constantly increasing, includes all those people, women and men, who take part of the movement, fight for it or, at least, support it. The second one, lower than the previous and (I hope), decreasing as time goes on, includes all those subjects who haven’t realized yet that there is a real problem here, and they are helping to carry it on. Maybe they are the ones that use their men privileges to hurt other people and make fun of it. Maybe they are the ones who abuse girls, who rape them, or even who kill them. Maybe they are the ones who appear on the news for committing some kind of gender-based crime, and the ones who are, finally, forgiven by justice.

With that situation on our shoulders, November 25th arrived. Thousands of people, mostly women, took the streets again in many parts of our country. A huge crowd stood up for life on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women under the heading: Not one more, not one less, among others. They proved that this was not only a trend, or a passing fancy.

25th March demonstration / Credits: 

Now, it has become a reality that if Spain doesn’t change by itself, sooner or later, we will make it change.

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