The comedian and journalist, Dani Mateo, is summoned to testify next Monday as being investigated for wiping his nose on the Spanish flag during the program El Intermedio.

The controversy started on October 31 when he did a sketch on the daily satirical program following princess Leonor’s first official speech. During his versión, he pretended to sneeze and then wipe his nose on the Spanish flag. The scene was part of the fragment of the program dedicated to comment on the commemorative events of the 40th anniversary of the Constitution

Although Wyoming, the program’s presenter, and Mateo apologised for the joke, and ‘La Sexta’ TV channel took the video down from its website, the sketch sparked a revolt in social media.

The next day, the journalist explained in twitter this:

 “The meaning of the sketch of the flag was – or so I understood it – to show that, when tempers are very hot, flags become more important than people and that is dangerous. That’s why I was falling apart when I saw that it had sounded in her. It was never to offend.”

However, this has not beer sufficent. Now, a judge in Madrid has summonsed him to court after the complatint that the Alternative Trade Union organization of Police presented before the Court of Guard for “allegedly! violating several articles of the Criminal Code. The complaint talks about “the offense to Spain, its symbols and therefore to the entire democratic society”

But not everything has been complaints. Other personalities spoke out in support of Mateo, like the politicals Gabriel Rufian or Alberto Garzón.

Certainly, this is an issue which Will be discussed over time.


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