Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Alicante, Valencia, Burgos, Santander, La Laguna or Ciudad Real are some of the spanish cities that already have a referéndum to decide the way in which the State is organized. This movement began in UAM, a University based in Madrid, and it has already turned into a massive claim for democracy.

Today has taken place the first consultation with good results for republicans. #VicálvaroDecide, which is how the organization is called, has already publish the results in their web . Other consultations are planed to be on the first week of December.

The debate between the republican and the monarchical option has returned to the center of the public eye for the first time since the Spanish transition. For many years it has been thought that the public opinion was in favor of the monarchy but now the youth has begun to question it. The cases of corruption, the link between Juan Carlos I and Franco, and the imputation of the Infanta Cristina could have been the turning point.

Assembly Referéndum

Assembly in a Spanish University. ALBERTO LOZANO


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