Javier Quesada, executive president of the foundation, apologizes to  those who have been offended and explained that it was not his intention

Pic of a EMT bus shelter / LP

Risto Mejide’s campaign from his agency Aftershare.tv opted to do something different: they criticized some Spanish traditions for advertising the “Premios Rey Jaume I”. The aim was to finish with Spanish clichés in favor of another  unknown concepts which identify Spain like its science excellence, and its abilitys at undertaking.

However, the option chosen it was to revile this clichés. Words like paella, bulls, flamenco or nap, cultural elements of our country appear crossed in different advertising formats. It untied a huge wave of non-conformism. “I wish that  the ending with the nap, the bulls and the party make way to the nutritional genomic, the fight against climate change or the new protesic materials as Spanish clichés”, they indicate in the agency website.

It was, of course, an interesting idea to try to get, outside of the neighboring countries, to identify a Spain not only because of its customs, its gastronomy or its art, but also because of its science, technology and business. The foundation makes clear that they didn’t wanted to judge the “tapas” and the “siesta”. They explained that their target was to end the clichés related to them, as they show  a distorted image of Spain.

However, and despite this campaign’s initial intention, many people have been offended and have protested in order to get their withdrawal. Pere Fuset, spokesman for Compromís in the City Council, explained that opposing popular culture to science has been «an error in which the foundation should not have fallen». Also, the councilor of Compromis Giussepe Grezzi, said that this campaign was launched with a very bad taste.

The cultural elements of the different territories of Spain are not the only highlight of our country, but deserve our utmost respect.


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