• A university movement wants to organize a consultation to pressure parliament to organize a binding votation to determine the state model

  • Not-binding referendum will be taking place next 4 th of December


Students debating at the assembly. ALBERTO LOZANO

The students of the Spanish universities are determined to carry out a consultation that presses the parliament to submit the issue of the State organization to a binding vote. The Republican organizers want to include in a consultation all those monarchists who want to submit this question to vote. Some attendant to today’s assembly already commented that, in spite of being a monarchist, he wants to be put to the vote if a referendum is held or not to put an end to the monarchy and establish the third republic in Spain.

The organizers do not intend the consultation to be representative but expect that a coordinated movement with other universities or civil organizations will serve as a precedent for real consultation.


students at the assembly

UC3M students at the assembly to organized referendum. ALBERTO LOZANO

The «Referendum» will be held on December 4 at the Carlos III University and on similar dates at many other Spanish universities. Recently, some parliamentary political organizations such as Unidos Podemos have already highlighted their support for a consultation that determines the form of organization of the Spanish State. Unidos Podemos have sent a letter to the royal house for the king emeritus to go to the parliament to explain their private businesses and their accounts in Switzerland.

Alberto Lozano

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