The past years, it was Italy the one receving the major number of arrivals

The last ACNUR data actualized the 12th of november of this year reveals that the total ammount of arrivals during 2018 is 107,516. Concretely, 101,529 of this refugees and migrants reached Italy, Greece, Spain and Cyprus by sea. Only 5.987 of them travelled by land to the cities of Ceuta and Melilla (located in Morrocco but politically spanish territory).The estimation of the dead and missing during this year is 2040 migrants and refugees.

The situation has improved compared with other years. Here it is the information during the last four years:

Previous yearsSea arrivalsDead and missing


Even if the numbers have been reduced a little bit this year, crossing the Mediterranean remains to be the most fatal rute in the world. This is all ACNUR data, the more accurate and actualiazed one that you can find on-line. This NGO is still trying to warn the international community to solve the original causes of country shifting, which force people to leave their homes and lead a venture in more and more hazardous and uncertain journeys

Spain has recieved this year 55.355 migrants, where as Italy has received 22,418, Greece has received 28,1222 and Malta, 1,182.

The UNHCR Spain data portal shows that 75% are men, 10% are woman and 15% are children.

These is the origin of the people landing in Spain:

Even though if there has been an improvement in the safe procedures to enter Europe, the truth is that this opportunities are still insufficient to offer a viable alternative to the extremely dangerous trips that this people have to do in order to get protection.
More effort is required to increase the access by “legal” procedure, including familiy reunification. ACNUR asked the rest of european countries, as well as some non-eurpean countries, to offer 40.000 places for reassignment.
The ones arriving “our” continent need good attendance and reception condition, specially the ones with specific necesities like unaccompanied children or sexual and gender violence survivors.

More solidarity is necessary to assure protection, familiy reunification and quick resettelment. The mediterranean migratory crisis shouldn’t be only a spanish, italian and greek concern. The entire European Union should help with this conflict, given also the dramatic economic situation that Spain and Greece are going through.

“The truth is that refugees won’t risk their lives if they had any chance of thriving in the place they are”, sais Melissa Fleming from ACNUR.


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