43 th aniversary of Franco’s death

The dictator Francisco Franco continues being a headache to the Spanish Government

Today is 20 th of november 2018, we could say that Franco is quite dead by now. He remains buried in his pretty tomb which is paid by the spanish population. However his memory is still very alive and, as every year on this date, saveral tens of people have met in Valle de los Caídos to remember his lovely dictator.

Franco's Supporters

Valle de los Caídos on November 20 th. ANALÍA PLAZA

In the other hand, Spain’s left is seeking to dismantle Franco’s legacy with legal moves. Since the Government announced its intention to exhume Franco and approved in August the decree law that modifies the Historical Memory Act of 2007 to allow it, visits to the Valley have skyrocketed. Of nostalgic of the Franco’s dictatorship, of tourists and of other curious person who comes to see his grave before his imminent disappearance. «This year there are more people, it’s because of the morbid,» commented an assistant at the end of the act.

People raising their arms in a Fascim celebration

Supporters of Spain’s late dictator Francisco Franco give fascist salutes at Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente. Photograph: PAUL HANNA

We are returning to a worrying acceptance of fascism around the world. Yesterday in Madrid a Feminist asosiation called Femen interrupt a act organized by the Association for the Repeal of Historical Memory Law on the occasion of 20N, anniversary of Franco’s death. This women demand the prohibition of fascim in the country and reproach the judges and police their actititud  in the pursuit of what they call Nazi criminals.
In the image, one of the activists is stopped by the police during the protest.



It seems like in Spain there are a lot of wounds sill open since the Civil War. There are still evident remains of the dictatorship in the Spanish state, justice and law. With Spanish Transition to Democracy 40 years ago a especial law of amnesty was created and many fascim leaders were forgiven. The Spanish radio journalist Javier Gallego Crudo says that Spain doesn’t know how the dictatorship was indeed. His heirs imposed by right the forgetfulness. 

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