Although Spain is characterized as a country with big differences between the north zone and the south zone, there is something that always joins us: the holiday.Our country is characterized as one of the most festive in Europe.Throughout the year, we rely on an infinity of celebrations that they invite to the whole world to visit them. The hot climate and the way of being of the spaniards, social and nice, are two fundamental aspects in order that this happens. In most of the cases, when we ask about the typical celebration of our country we usually listen the same answers: Sanfermines, Fallas o Semana Santa. Nevertheless, in the map that we show, we can see that they are not the only.

Depending on the time of year and the geographical área in wich we are, we Will find different kinds of festivals and modes of celebration. Our country has more than 200 festivals to choose. Although the best-known festivals are usually produced in cities, we can also find them in the villages.

If we talk about the North, the main Festival are the Sanfermines. However, this área offers a beautiful landscape that is used for different festivals like The descent of the river Sella or La Tamborrada in San Sebastian.If w ego to the most central área, San Isidro or Los Empalaos, are two striking and traditional festivals. In them, we can trasport us to another time and enjoy it. Finally, we come to the South, where festivities and religion are quite present. La Romería de la Virgen de la Cabeza or Feria de Abril. They show the religious importance in the south of Spain. However, in this area we also find another kind of celebrations such as Las Fallas or Carnivals of Cádiz.

Definitely, Spain is a country that offers great cultural diversity. Our country has a long history, and this is reflected in all of its festivals that we are going to show you.

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