DON’T read JoySpain if you do not want to know the real traditions of our country.

DON’T read JoySpain if you want to continue thinking that all the Spanish are bullfighters or lovers of the bullfighting.

DON’T read JoySpain if you are going to continue thinking that the typical Spanish dance are the Sevillian ones and, the plate, the paella.

DON’T read JoySpain if you are not ready to change totally the concept that you have about us.

With this section, we try to announce the traditional festivals as they are in our country and how we live them. Spain is a country with a wide cultural heritage, an excellent gastronomy and admirable customs. Our work will centre on breaking with certain cliches and on denying the myths that more concern to our country contributing true information.

The Alhambra, Granada / Alhambra .org


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