The emergency services find 5 corpses near Cádiz and 13 near Melilla

Today, the search has been reactivated to look for the missing people in Barbate (Cádiz). The aerial, terrestrial and aquatic operation continues this Tuesday to look for the 17 people that are still missing which were travelling in a dinghy that shipwrecked after crashing with a rock.

He saw his brother sinking with his own eyes and he could do nothing to avoid it. Now, he doesn’t know if his brother is one of the dead migrants found dead in Barbate coast. This is the heartbreaking testimony of one of the 22 maghrebian survivors that were able to reach land on their own in the rough water of the “estrecho de Gibraltar”.

Yesterday, another 13 migrants lost their lives trying to reach Spain by sea in a dinghy near Melilla, according to the maritime rescue services report. In this case, the corpses were found inside the watercraft with, at least, 40 migrants. They tried to revive, without success, four of them. The death reasons are still unknown, however drowning is dismissed owing to the fact that all the migrants were inside the embarkation, accoding to the firsts investigations.

They were so soaked and nervous that we could barely understand them”. Around 6 a.m this morining the Civil Guard has found in this condition the 22 surviors in “Las Palmeras de los Caños de Meca” beach located in Barbate. They are maghrebian and 13 of them have declared to be under age. They have told the agents that the shipwreck has suprised them after two days in the sea when they were only 200 metres away from land. The strong swell of this early morning in addition to the low tide, caused the dinghy to ran aground in a reef, known in the area as la laja.

The rudimentary watercraft where the migrants were traveling / EL PAÍS


  The crash against the stones left the watercraft without bottom, which made it sink around 4 am in the morning. At the begining, the 22 rescued people stated that they believed that the missing ones would have reached the land on their own. Hours later, it was proved wrong when the Civil Guard found three corpses in the sea and it is still unknown the exact number of deaths. The bodies with life vest are rising to the surface, however the ones that didn’t have a jacket may still be in the depths and it will take a few days until day appear.  This evening one last body has been found in Cadiz’s beach.

One of the corpses found in Cádiz beach and the spanish Civil Guard /LA VANGUARDIA


Part of south Andalucía coasts have been under “yellow alert” owing to the wind and maritime phenomenon. Is this brave sea the one that, sometimes, motivates the maghreb migrants to launch themselves into the water as they are less likely to be intercepted and, subsequently, deported.

The 18 deaths arrive just four days after the 30th anniversary of the appearance of the first corpse belonging to a migrant found in spanish coasts. Accordingly with the “Andalucía Acoge” and the fundation “Por Causa” report, aproximately 6714 persons have lost their lives or disappeared in mediterranean and Estrecho’s water since 1 of november of 1988, when the first body was found.

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