Franco could end up in the center of Madrid

The dictator Francisco Franco remains buried in «Valle de los Caídos» which is a monumental crypt built by his order during 20 th century.
Religious tomb

Francisco Franco’s actual tomb in Valle de los Caídos (Madrid)

The church is located in La Sierra de Madrid, the mountains near the capital. There are also buried 33000 bodies which Franco needed to cover up all the tombs built.  Those bodies belong to political dissidents during Civil War -1936/1939- and dictatorship. Most relatives of these people were never asked about the burial place of their loved ones. Most of them were considered missing or believed to be buried in ditches. Furthermore, the poet Federico García Lorca, murdered by the regime in 1936, could be buried in this place.

big cross

Valle de los Caídos, San Lorenzo de El Escorial el 11 de mayo de 2016. REUTERS/Paul Hanna/File Photo

The new socialist government wanted to take Franco out of Valle de los Caídos because, as they said, having a dictator buried in a church which is paid by the goverment is something unthinkable in other countries as Germany or Italy. A few days ago we knew thanks to journalists of, that all the repairs of the Valley: The arms of the cross, the front of the basilica … are paid by the government, that is, the citizens with their taxes. Spain also continues to be a «non-confesional» country.  Once a year, one million public euros goes to the salary of the monks of Valle de los Caidos. The Government has paid in a year 72,033 euros in fuel for the Benedictine order, 5,778 euros for books, almost 10,000 euros in worship expenses, another 10,000 in costumes and 8,441 euros in excursions organized by the religious.

Since Pedro Sánchez announced his intention to exhume Franco from his actual tomb, where is also buried Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera -important fascim lider- the basilica has received more than 120000 visitors these last months.

Spanish Vice President Carmen Calvo had a meeting last week with catolic church in Vatican to aboid Franco’s reburial in the center of Madrid. Franco’s daugther bought a tomb in a centrical basilica called La Almudena where Franco could end up now. Calvo came back to Spain saying that the church will not allow Franco’s reburial in the center of Madrid. However, the catolic church has already denied to have said such thing.


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